The registry and the tools

C3S Data Rescue Services includes an online Registry Service for users to upload metadata information related to rescued data. The Registry metadata base contains Inventories for Land Surface Stations, Upper Air Fixed and Moving Platforms and Marine Platforms.

The first revised Guidelines for inventory metadata standards and formats can be downloaded here. It is used in writing and formatting metadata inventories for Land surface, Upper-Air and Marine worldwide in-situ data, resulting from past, present and future Data Rescue Activities and Global Observation Databases. The metadata inventories form the database for the C3S Rescue Data Registry Service.

With the Registry containing many previous inventories for several DARE projects and initiatives, such as ERA-CLIM/ERA-CLIM2, ISPD, MEDARE and other ACRE related activities it is possible to search the Registry for metadata such as Country, Station name, ECV, Time span, and other options. Multiple searches is also available, as well as the possibility to plot the entries location on a worldmap. It is also possible to download the search results to CSV files and the location Images to jpg.

One of the objectives of this service is to provide the most comprehensible metadata archive for rescued data, in order to avoid duplication of DARE efforts. With this service the user is also informed about the DARE status of the past, present and planned initiatives, from the existence of a logbook in hardcopy format, its imaging, digitisation, quality control and inclusion in a global database. Through all DARE phases the Registry supplies the link and contact of the data owners/suppliers, and links to data digital images (if available). The user with rescued data is also helped to submit their set to global databases.

The C3S Data Rescue Service Registry is being developed taking as a model the ERA-CLIM/ERA-CLIM2 Portal which is available at

Current portal tools

Current registries

Currently this portal implements the following interfaces to the underlying registries:

Visitors can register to the portal at the registration page (user registration is submitted to site administrator for approval). User can then upload activity information and metadata on their data rescue projects.

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